I was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Aruba, studied in Europe and found my base in The Netherlands. On my journeys to different parts of the world, I enriched myself with new cultures and insights. Now I see myself more as a world citizen with a mission to help others take the lead to success and satisfaction.

In the early days of IT (called automation in those days), I was immediately sold on the idea and I was one of the first in line to buy my first computer. In those days a computer was nothing more than an electrical typewriter without a carriage, which was really a motherboard combined with a keyboard. To work with it you had to hook it up to a small portable TV to see what you were doing, and a tape recorder to save your work. BTW, does anyone know these days what a typewriter or a tape recorder is?

Altogether I said goodbye to my original career as a chemical engineer and entered the world of information technology. Quite successful I may say. I climbed the corporate ladder in record time and ended up as a well-respected project manager, seasoned with decades of experience and more than a hundred successful and also a few failed major projects under my belt. I gained the reputation of being a pragmatic leader putting the human factor at the core of all my undertakings, AKA ‘The Pragmaticioner’.

Based on that experience I developed my signature Pragmatic Leadership FormulaTM, which was quoted on mainstream news outlets. I even wrote an Amazon bestseller book on this matter called Team Performance on Fire! I also developed a suite of proprietary self-assessment tools for leadership and supporting disciplines.

Now it’s time to turn that knowledge into a program to educate and help others on their way to leadership with a people-centered approach. An approach that is more people-driven, rather than data-driven. An approach built on relational aspects, not on transactional aspects.

Just like any other successful person, private or businesswise, I also have mentors and coaches helping and guiding me. On my search for help to put my program together, I came across John Thornhill’s program Partnership to Success. He has a vast track record in helping others successfully develop and bring a digital product to the online marketplace. No shiny silver bullet or shady promises to immediate success and great riches, but consistent work to be done to build a sustainable program. I will be posting my progress on my blog.

In the meanwhile, if I can do anything to help you on your way to success, just get in touch and we will get at it.

Be You, Take Charge, Inspire Others!

John A. Williams
‘The Pragmaticioner’

PS: If you want to know how to successfully develop and bring a digital product to the online marketplace, then check out this totally free webinar.