I made a jumpstart in the last couple of weeks in the creation of my first digital product following the teachings of John Thornhill’s program Partnership to Success.

I mapped out everything about my product in a mindmap and got a go from John’s team. The same goes for the name of my product (which is a course): Product Creation Accelerator.

The mindmap then became my roadmap to work on getting my product to life. The first step was to write an ebook on my course following the outline I described in the mindmap. As I know the stuff of my course, I finished the ebook in a short time. Again, outlining everything in the mindmap makes life much easier. All you have to do then is to write out the topics.

After getting the green light from John’s team for the ebook, I continued defining the addons and bonuses. Almost done with those too.

Now I’m working on the slides for the video version of the course. Once I have my first video I will check in with John’s team to see if I’m on the right track.

As you have gathered by now, I discuss every step with John’s team. And I’m really glad I did that. I got very valuable tips to follow up. We also discussed the main offer and possible OTO’s. These guys know their stuff, so I follow their instructions and advice.

Next time I will report on the progress with the videos.

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